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Rebuilding Haiti

A lot of people don't know that I am of Haitian decent. Even though I was born in America, I hold on tight to my roots and have it in my heart to participate in the rebuilding of such a beautiful country. As Christians, we are to go and preach the gospel and make disciples for Christ. Not everyone can go out to do missionary work which is understandable. I'm not always able to go either, but we can all participate. 25% of our proceeds help our church's missionary team go to places we can't.


(Ministry Apparel courtesy of ChristLife Clothing)


This church right here might not seem like much to most, but to us it's the first of many churches we want to plant in Haiti. Don't get me wrong, we would love for our church to be as beautiful physically as it is spiritually, but this isn't the main focus. An area that was once home to witchcraft and sorcery is slowly becoming Holy Spirit filled.  Every soul that comes to Jesus in this very place is a form of motivation for what we are trying to accomplish. WE NEED YOUR HELP! When you shop at ChristLife you really help sow a seed. Community | Lifestyle | Relationships...ChristLife, More Than Just Clothes.


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